When you are in the club, you must have prepared things to have fun and can prevent bad things like wild flirting with an amsterdam escort girls, or even accident. You can have fun but you still need to be cautious. Here are things you can do and can’t do in the club.


  1. Know the Event

Each night club has a different event theme every day. By knowing the theme, you can avoid dresscode errors or the type of crowd that is present.

2.   Know the Club Regulations

The rules of each club are different, starting from dresscode to payment system FDC (First Drink Charge). So don’t be surprised if you pay only for entrance fees and don’t include drinks.

3.   Bring your ID

Raids can happen anytime and anywhere. The club is also strict in selecting underage guests who come. So always carry ID card to avoid things that are not desirable.

4.   Perform Body Checking

A good club will carry out strict body and luggage checks. If the club you visit is so quiet in allowing people to enter, you can imagine sharp weapons or fire that are ready to hurt the other guests.


  1. Loss of Control

A pleasant atmosphere will make people too confident, especially under the influence of alcohol. Losing control because you’re too excited is also not good. Always remember that clubs are public places with lots of different personalities and characters. Not that you open a table and then feel like your own home and act arbitrarily.

2.   Solve Problems Alone

When you feel sexually harassed or bullied, don’t be brave and act right away. Call the security to reprimand the intruder earlier. If they really went too far, they would immediately be dragged out of the club by the security team.

3.   Complicate yourself with clothes

A true clubber will wear one dress or top-down suit, high heels and one clutch. If you fuss for yourself putting on a jacket / blazer and confused where to put it, you will not enjoy the atmosphere and careless about luggage.