Everybody in Singapore could have known at Jalan Kayu that is home to the Thasevi roti prata of the food paradise. A branch of Blanco Prawn Noodle House is located there and filled with queuing clients. Have you heard of the Beach Road Prawn Noodle? Beach and blanco Road Prawn Noodles are restaurants which are put up by the Lee family that is exact same. The prawn noodle in Jalan Kayu is so superb and is a must try for many foodie! Ok, back to Parc Botannia review. The main reason I said Jalan Kayu is that Parc Botannia is a rock’s throw away from Jalan Kayu and you could feast on roti prata and prawn noodles every day if you choose to stay in this lovely improvement.

(1) Location of Parc Botannia

The speech at Fernvale Road of parc Botannia makes it a 10 mins brisk stroll off into the Seletar Mall. This development can be only right alongside Thanggam LRT station that’s just 1 LRT stop from Seletar Mall and 4 LRT ceases to Sengkang MRT station. There’s also a plot of land designated for Park development by Nark only alongside Parc Botannia (the brand new park sits between High Park Residences and Parc Botannia).

In addition, the Sinking Riverside Park is close to Parc Botannia or one LRT channel away- Perfect for people or nature fans who like jogging.

(3) Internal Design and Premium Components with Personal Lift

This is only one of the most effective unit design I have observed despite the smaller dimensions of the flats relative to those found in the region 7-8 years back (H20 Residences, River trees and Riverbank). 3 bidders are soft but don’t feel cramp noticed in the series apartment.

The large ceiling height of 2.9m certainly adds quantity and exude category to these components. The programmers are ample to have assembled in these high ceiling that’s a sharp contrast to High Park Residences next door in addition to several other condominium ceiling heights of just 2.7m nowadays.

The top units in this evolution will be the 4 bidder Premium components in addition to the 5 bedder Premium Components that includes its very own private elevator. There are a total of 3 piles of premium units that are these. In addition, the superior units arrive with walk-in cupboard in the master bedroom. The Master toilet for its premium units also includes 2 basins for”his” and”her” that are definitely very lavish and posh.