Guys in the club have several types. However, anyone can certainly agree that the most annoying is the boy who has drunk a few glasses and immediately thinks that he can go to a girl in a club and take her home. Don’t ever be a guy like that! In this article, we will discuss some of the most basic surefire tips that can help you to get your lover at the club.

1. Don’t be crazy!

Yep, that’s the first law. Don’t be crazy! Do not do crazy things just because there is nothing to lose, drink a few shots of vodka and already enough tipsy, then already brave enough.! Keep calm, cool, and be humble. Nobody is interested in the guy who thinks he’s the best.

2. Don’t touch before the signal

An aggresive guy in the club is the one who used to make girls in a lazy club. They are already dare to hold. Especially if a girl already starts to move away, that’s a signal that she doesn’t like it. Don’t even pull back, want to hug a kiss, get kicked out by a security guard later!

3. Must dare to talk first

Yep Don’t be an idiot watching the girl until she says hello first, then blushes and stutters. Say hello first, acquaintances, or open with humor. Praise the beauty you want to approach. Use the pick-up line. Don’t look super shy or you’ll be going to amsterdam escort girls!

4. Order a drink for her

Buy her a drink! It is in the club, so buy a drink. Choose cocktails that girls like. Don’t be too heavy. Don’t beer either, mercy! Don’t give them too much drink because it could be bad. She later could think that you just want to get drunk the girl to find an opportunity.