Oxley Holdings Limited (“Oxley” or”the Group”) is a home-grown Singaporean home programmer. Oxley is principally engaged in the business of property development and real estate investment. Since its inception, the rapid growth of the Group has resulted in a burgeoning presence both locally and abroad kent ridge hill residences floor plan . It has a presence over twelve niches.

The Group has a portfolio comprising development and investment projects in Singapore, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Australia, Japan and Vietnam. Oxley’s experience doesn’t lie in property improvement; the Group leaves consultancy experience and job management in Myanmar.

The property development portfolio of oxley encompasses residential, commercial and industrial jobs. Crucial elements of the choice improvements of the Group include desired lifestyle characteristics, places and layouts that are favored. Oxley has attained remarkable growth since its inception.

As a part of its growth, the Group has entered into partnerships with local and developers in addition to business partners. In 2013, the Group acquired a 20% stake in Galliard (Group) Limited, a leading land developer in the United Kingdom. Galliard (Group) is a land improvement, hospitality and management team overseeing a huge array of improvements across London and Southern England. Since that time, Oxley has gained a stake in Pindan Group Pty Ltd, an integrated job team located in Western Australia, along with also an stake in United Engineers, a Singaporean home development and engineering firm which was set in 1912.