How can one become an edit my essay? As they say,”Practice, practice, practice!” As occurred to me — or get lucky.

By chance, a friend had contemplated writing a novel. In reality, his profession was unique because he retired as a Colonel and joined the Marines. In that period of years, he finished boot camp and afterwards served as a drill instructor at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina, was in battle in Vietnam as a sergeant where he had been a platoon commander (a lieutenant’s billet) and obtained a battle commission because of his performance there, has been assigned as the commander of the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team in 8th and I, Washington, D.C., conducted safety responsibility at Camp David at which President Johnson errantly chewed him out face, also held several other positions of leadership such as infantry battalion commander and Commanding officer of the Marine Corp’s biggest con Station–RS Chicago. The other friend and I had wheedled him to write a novel about his life. We convinced him to do so.

There was he wasn’t a writer by any stretch of the imagination. He had. I volunteered to help him. I had become proficient at it and had always loved writing. I had been confident that composing a book couldn’t be that difficult to do. We would whip it out.

I’ve always appreciated reading novels, many others along with the classics, from a young age. I attempted to mimic As soon as I wrote back then, I liked doing. My 4th grade teacher said to me one day, once I read the course a story I’d written,”Dennis, you’re likely to be a writer !” And that I never forgot her vaccinations. I continued to see best vendors — if they had been nonfiction continued to research authors — and proceeded to learn the craft of composing.

Then reality left me, and hit me between the eyes, bloodied my wits. I came to the understanding that composing a editing a publication somebody else was writing-was tougher than it seemed.

There has been much to be heard concerning spelling grammatical grammar, and style. For this, I had been intimately familiar with such references as The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) (16th edition), The Elements of Style, Strunk and White (4th edition), Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition), along with many others. The CMOS was crucial. Never had I understood that so as to compose publishable manuscripts, syntax, grammar, and the like needed numerous rules and techniques necessary to be followed. Case in point –I had encountered nor guessed, an em dashto use this, nor I would become enamored by it.