Now we are working once more in San Diego, we’d love to split the history of this postal service.The first post office at San Diego opened in 1850 at Old Town plaza on April 9, 1850 having a population of 650. San Diego made its first postmaster, Richard Rust, in which he held the job until substituted by Dr. Jacob Allen on December 23, 1869. With this time the population of San Diego had increased to over 2000 inhabitants as well as induce and the thought of collecting stamps began to grow the service USPS in Downtown San Diego. When things started to flourish, it was only in 1885.

The chronological deadline reflects postage collection in San Diego’s development along with the service’s growth:

Together with the people at 35,000 inhabitants, San Diego recognized the first train providing email. Two decades later in San Diego with four carriers delivery has been inaugurated in October of 1887 providing mail.

In 1890 the St James Hotel became house of the post office. Below is a timeline of this additional

1913: The first centre constructed for the purpose of being a post office in San Diego situated and is completed at 325 West F St.
1923: The San Diego Stamp club is created and is the talk of town.1938: The main post office goes to Sixth Avenue and E Street in downtown San Diego.

San Diego held its stamp show over the two day weekend in the, then fresh, San Diego Convention Center with people.